Destiny. Or the time I fell asleep in class.


Last Friday I went to school and as usual, I went to PE for first period. I played kickball with my new bright blue and yellow gym shoes. Everyone thought I was a boss with those shoes.

It was like any other day. But this Friday was a little different.

Most Fridays we don’t have AP (Academic Prep – where we get to go to any class we want to and do homework from other classes). But this Friday… this Friday we had AP. My AP teacher, Ms. Brown, loved how quietly we were working so she gave us chocolate. There must have been something in that chocolate because I started to feel sleepy and dozed off.

When I woke up, I didn’t recognize where I was. I wasn’t in my AP class anymore. I was outside and the sky was a weird shade of grey with some blue. I also saw a giant moon much closer than it should have been.

It smelled like rust. And pollution. The sky was strangely clear. Off in the distance were three towers and each had three large circular orbs. They reminded of kabobs. In front of me I saw what looked like an old plane. It looked like it should have been white but was mostly an ugly shade of brown rust.


I looked down at the ground and saw some snow. I was wearing white armoured boots. Where were my blue and yellow gym shoes?, I wondered to myself.

vanguard-auto-rifleIt was then that I noticed I wasn’t wearing the same pants I went to school with. In fact, my entire outfit was different! And in my right hand I was holding what looked like a level 13 Auto Rifle.

Oh my gosh! I thought, I was in Destiny!!

destinygif101I had no idea what I was doing here or what I was supposed to do. Suddenly this hovering, almost square shaped, object with what looked like a blue eyeball appeared right in front of me. It told me it was called Ghost.

It called me Guardian. It told me the only way to survive and make it back to AP was to fight through the patrol. Sounded easy. I felt like I was a level 22. But I felt like I need a team. It told me to follow it.

In a couple moments I met up with some other random Guardians. They were under attack!

I immediately dropped to my knee with auto rifle on my shoulder and took aim at a Fallen Capitan. He took several hits from me but quickly regenerated health. I knew what I had to do. I quickly switched to my sniper rifle (where did I get that?) and zoomed in to take him down. He fell to his knees and dropped his extra ammunition. I ran to grab it.

The Ghost appeared again. It told me that to get back to AP, I needed to destroy the Blade of Crota. I shouted to the strangers I had just met to follow me and we followed the Ghost into a large building with a satellite dish on top.

We spent the next several minutes making our way through the dark hallways. Off in the distance we could hear something screaming. It was a sound I have never heard before. It would have scared most people. But I was a level 13 and this was a level 5 patrol so we kept going.

bladeofcrotaFinally we found the Blade of Cota and saw other Guardians trying to defeat it. I quickly jumped into action. There was weapon fire and explosions coming from all around me. Suddenly I remembered I had a special ability. I slammed my fist on the Blade of Crota and he stumbled back. He still had a lot of health left. I threw a power sphere (like a grenade) at him and ran to an upper deck. I grabbed my sniper rifle and quickly fired three rounds. Each was a direct hit.

He stumbled and fell forward on his face. I beat him.

I heard someone call my name. “William!” she said. I turned to my left. Ms Brown was yelling at me, “William, what are you doing?”

“Saving the world, Ms Brown. Saving the world.”

Thanksgiving Break in the OC


Hi everybody! It’s William again. I don’t think you know this, but the reason I’m writing blog posts are:

  1. Improve my writing
  2. Get a Playstation 4

So for this blog post I am going to write about what I have done for the past 3 days while in Orange County.

On Sunday we went to breakfast+lunch (brunch) with all the cousins. There were a total of 16 people and we went to a place called Watermans Harbor. Their food was good but their customer service wasn’t too great. I mean, like, they forgot to write down what I ordered. At night all the cousins and I went to a hamburger place for dinner.

On Monday we met our other cousin and went to the Spectrum (Ed. Irvine Spectrum). We are at a place called Pieology. I made my own pizza with salami and bacon on it. After that we went to a BBQ. After we ate, some people left and we played  game. I got 3rd place. My sister got 1st but she was on a team!

Tuesday I ordered something off Amazon and it came today. It is a Halo Mega Bloks Blue Series Falcon. It looks like this:


Then cousins and everyone else came for a big party!

Thursday was Thanksgiving.!

I tried to help bring in some food but I burned my finger!

The first thing I did when I got inside was grab a cookie. It was really good! After everyone got there, we started eating. I had rice and turkey and thought I’d get more food but after I ate I realized I was too full.

When everyone was finished eating, we played Team Charades (except my dad! he hates that game!). There were two teams. I was the emcee. Both teams cheated but I only told on my mom’s team because they won.

Happy ThanksgivingAfterwards we played Settlers of Catan. My dad wanted me to play on his team because he thought he wouldn’t be good at this game. I lost but I still had fun.

Later, we went to Fat Burger with most of the cousins. I had a burger and side of fries to share but I ended up eating all of them by myself!



Sorry I haven’t made a blog post for awhile. I’ve been playing a gamed called Terraria. It is basically 2D Minecraft but with more monsters and bosses. Also move armor and weapons. It is really fun! Sometimes I play with my friends and sometimes I don’t. Anyway, I will describe what I do in my game.

When you first get Terraria your main goal is to build a house. At least it should be!


You chop down trees with an axe. To have a proper house you need a chair, a table, and a light source. If your house is big enough and each room has those three things, then your guide, or Terraria character, will move in. If your house has many rooms then more NPCs (non-player characters) will move in.

There are some bosses in Terraria. Some of them only appear when you get into hard mode. The Eater of Worlds attacks once you smash three Shadow Orbs. They’re not really a boss but once you smash one Shadow Orb the Goblin Army attacks. You should build your house in the air so they can’t get in your house. Next is Skeletron. He is found in a temple like place. Once you kill him you can go into the dungeon and find really cool weapons. There is also The Eye of Cthulhu. It is a giant eye and is very easy to kill. Last is The Wall of Flesh. (By the way, these are just the easy mode mobile bosses!) When you kill The Wall of Flesh you go into hard mode.

When I play with my friends, we usually help each other. Sometimes we’ll turn on PVP (player vs. player) and do light saber battles. We usually play at my house for like an hour.

Anyways, that is all I have for today. Oh yeah! If you get Terraria then you can play with us too!

Boxer shorts. Why?


superman-boxersWhy are boxer shorts called boxers? Why aren’t they called gymnasts?

Is it becaue one day in the City of Undergarments, a pair of boxers were boxing and he won?

I might actually write a story about that!

6th grade!


fallon-mustang-blue-middle-school-lgTwo weeks ago I started 6th grade. Unlike 5th grade, I have to walk from class to class. It is so hard!

Here’s what my class schedule is like:

  1. Gym
  2. Math
  3. Core (Language Arts)
  4. Core (History)
  5. Lunch (yum!)
  6. Elective wheel (social dance)
  7. Science

I stay in the same room for both periods 3 & 4.

What drives me nuts is that the gym is on one side of the school and my math class is on the other. You’re not allowed to run or walk on the grass either. I only have four minutes to get to my next class! But I always make it on time🙂


See how far away the gym is!?

On the first day of school we got our gym lockers. It was so hard to open until my friend helped me. Now I’m a master.

My math teacher is funny. He will sneeze and say “I sneeze like a nuclear bomb” or when someone sneezes and it sounds like a squeal he will say “Did someone just step on a squirrel?”

Hurricane Hawaii.


Last summer I went to Europe. This summer I went to Hawaii so I could swim all day long.

First we went to the Disney Resort Aulani. It was awesome there.

We were on floor 16 (the highest floor) and had a tiny room with two beds. There were so many pools and two slides. On the first slide, I’d lay down on my back and go through a pitch black tunnel before plunging into the swimming pool

On the other slide I needed a raft. I could go by myself or with someone else. I would sit on the raft and the slide would take me to the Lazy River. The Lazy River would wrap around most of the pools. The line for this was so long that it almost took 20 minutes. But it was worth it!!

On our second to last day we went to Pearl Harbor. I got to visit the battleship USS Missouri. I ended up falling and scraping my knee. I still had fun though. I also got to visit an aviation museum. We tried to visit the USS Arizona Memorial but the wind was too strong and the Coast Guard canceled the short boat trip to the Memorial.

The next day we left for the Big Island. We landed at the airport in Kona and took a shuttle to the Hilton. The Hilton was huge! We needed a tram to get to our room. In our room there was a (tiny) futon couch and a Playstation 3. The Playstation didn’t work😦

The Hilton has a manmade lagoon with a manmade beach. I got to go paddle boarding. First with my mom and then by myself. My dad went kayaking with me. We played in the pools.

When we left, we went to a cottage in the rainforest by the volcano. It’s called Volcano Rainforest Retreat. When we arrived at our cabin we found out there would be two hurricanes. We made a quick visit to the National Volcano Park (really quick because the hurricanes were coming!).


We had to get bottled water and plenty of food to prepare for the hurricane. That night the power went out just as we were about to watch a DVD. So instead we watched two movies off my dad’s laptop and then all tried to go to sleep. My dad was grumpy when he lost Internet access! I was pretty bored without power.

For two nights we had no power and it was pouring rain. The first hurricane turned into a tropical storm and the other one went around the islands to be nice.🙂

When left, we went back to the Kona side and to the Marriott right next to the Hilton. The Marriott was much better than the Hilton. The pools were warm and there was a real beach! We went to the beach and kayaked some more and relaxed in the pools. On our first night we went to a Sunset Luau. They started cooking a whole pig early in the morning for dinner!

We mostly relaxed before heading back to Honolulu and then home to San Francisco. I pretty much slept the whole way home.

The Camp I Almost Didn’t Like


Last week my sister and I went to drama camp. Somehow my dad talked me into going because I can tell you I was not happy when I found out he signed me up!

We were put into three groups: Yellow, Green, and Orange. Yellow was the youngest. Green, the middle and Orange, the oldest. Each group was assigned different scenes of a play.

My group, Orange, was assigned “Into the Woods“. Every day we had three different classes, like school classes. The classes were on music, dancing and acting. We also learned how to put on stage makeup and learned stage combat (awesome!).

On the second day, we got our parts and learned half of our songs and dances.

I was the witch. The ugly witch. It was supposed to be a girl’s part but they ran out of girls because all the girls wanted to play the boy parts. So I got stuck playing a girl part.

After acting we had lunch and played games. After the games we learned how to sew pillows and played improv games. At the end of the day I made a friend named William.

On Wednesday we started acting out our scene and finished our dance. It was awesome. Again when finished lunch we learned clowning and storytelling. Clowning is when you change from one emotion to another very quickly. There are five emotions when you’re clowning:

  1. Happiness
  2. Sadness
  3. Anger
  4. Confused
  5. Scared

On the fourth day everyone had memorized their lines and finished their dance. Whew!

On the last day, Friday, we went through the play routine and got our shirts. At 4:00pm the show started. Our group was the last to go because we were oldest. It was really fun!

Here’s a video of me doing a game called “Park bench”. The goal is to get the other person off the bench!